Athlete Registration, Entries and Payment

Registration, including entries for all WMG2021 and WMOC events, can be done only via the WMG2021 website https://www.wmg2021.jp/en/games/entry.html

Registration for WMG2021 will commence on 1st February 2020 and close on 28 February 2021.

Entry for orienteering is possible until 10 April 2021. However, some services of WMG2021 may not be available for entries after 28 February 2021.

Entries become valid only after payment of the entry fee.

Payment of entry fees is based on Japanese yen (JPY).

Competition fees

Please refer here for details of basic fee as WMG entry.

Basic fee Domestic residents WMG competitor fee 15,000 JPY excludes transport pass
Non-playing Officials ,Supporter 5,000 JPY excludes transport pass
Residents in foreign countries WMG competitor fee 24,000 JPY includes transport pass
Non-playing Officials ,Supporter 14,000 JPY includes transport pass
Competition fee Sprint 3,000 JPY
Forest 3,000 JPY
  • Entrants are allowed to participate in up to five disciplines including orienteering of the WMG competition.
  • Children under 12 years old are free from WMG fee.
  • Transport pass is only applicable for sightseeing within the Kansai area.

Additional fees

Changes to entry after 10 April1,000 JPYStart accepting since 1,Apr 2021
  • Changes until 10 April 2021 are free of charge.


Before 28 February 2021: WMG2021 will refund the balance after a handling charge (5% of paid entry fee) has been deducted.

After 1 March 2021: No refund