Accommodation for forest competition

We will offer various accommodation through rest of travel agency. We will inform you of any update.

Shuttle buses

We are planning that complimentary shuttle buses between primary accommodation area and competition venues and the event centre will be in service.

Area location guide

Forest competition venues and its nearest accommodation are almost placed in northern middle of Hyogo pref. These area was called “Tajima province” in older Japan before 1871. We call also Tajima area even in modern times.

Yabu, Asago Wadayama area

It’s nearest area from event centre where are at around root 9.

Hachi plateau area

Hachi area is placed at south of Mt.Hachibuse. It’s Accessible from south side valley of Mt.Hachibuse.

Hachi-kita area

Hachi-kita area is placed north of Mt.Hachibuse.

Ojiro area

Ojiro area is huge valley placed at north west of Mt.Hachibuse.

Kasumi area

North of Hyogo prefecture and faced on Japan sea.

The Tajima area access map